AboutMy qualifications include 20+ years of progressive and varied experience supporting corporate branding and business strategies for boutique agencies, publications, professional organizations and a global direct marketing company.

I am currently Executive Creative Director, a role in which I oversee a 5 person team and am responsible for implementing and delivering a consistent corporate brand strategy for lifestyle publications and other mass media and determining and executing day to day tactics that will drive revenue and profit (i.e. covers, content, home page changes, promotions, etc.) Additionally, I have experience building and managing large teams (25+), revamping existing infrastructure and leading new business development projects.

Over the past 2 years I have been overseeing the relaunch of our Lifestyle Brands (including women’s interest and lifestyle, food and children). conceptualizing new content, increasing member participation (community), and creating a better shopping experience for these niche businesses. (DIY with Denis, Craft Off).