Paige & Friends


To celebrate Children’s Book-of-the-Month Club’s 25th birthday I created Paige. She’s an avid reader and loves to recommend books for our young readers. Our mascot needed a friend, so along came Napoleon. He hails from France and enjoys picture books since they help him learn new words in English.

My buddy Jack and his BFF George were the inspiration for Paige and Napoleon.


We thought it would be fun to get our members involved in creating new friends for Paige and Napoleon, so we asked them to send in their drawings. I used them to bring new characters to Paige’s world.


Part chicken, part peacock, Tom delivers books to Paige and Napoleon to read and review.


Loco is crazy for kibble, cupcakes and tummy rubs. Oh, and READING too!!


Pattie is ravenous for books. She can never get enough and spends tons of time with her snout in a book.


Gilbert takes his reading seriously as you can see by his expression. He is happiest when paw-ing over a good book.

GilbertThere are so many more characters to create and I will be updating this page as they enter Paige’s circle of friends.
Thanks so much to all the kids who submitted drawings. They made this such a fun project.

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